Apperson's ACT Test Prep Bundle

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Description: <p>Apperson's ACT Test Prep Bundle is designed to help in-school educators and ACT prep centers quickly grade and review ACT practice tests. This premium bundle combines our newest software, DataLink ACT/SAT, with custom ACT designed forms and scored with the DataLink 1200 test scoring machine. Educators can use this premium bundle to help students prepare for their upcoming ACT exams. With passage of ESSA, states now have the option of using nationally recognized tests such as the ACT and SAT in lieu of state created end of year exams. The bundle includes everything listed below, <i>with savings of over $240.00!!!</i><br><br><i><strong>DataLink ACT/SAT Software</strong> - <strong>$199.00 value</strong></i><br>Apperson’s newest software, DataLink ACT/SAT, will help educators save time by scoring ACT practice tests automatically for each section. The software will give a combined score of each section of the test. The educator will have access to several reports including: visual item analysis, sub scores, ACT section scores, and question alignment. Software is only avialable for PC at this time.<br><br><i><strong><u>500 ACT Practice Form with Tests 1&amp;2&nbsp;</u></strong></i><a href="" target="_blank">(26820)</a><i>- <strong>$50.50 value</strong></i><br>Section #1 1-75 (A-D/F-J); section #2 1-60 (A-E/F-K);&nbsp;<br><br><i><strong><u>500 ACT Practice Form with Test 3&amp;4&nbsp;</u></strong></i><a href="" target="_blank">(26950)</a><i>- <strong>$50.50 value</strong></i><br>Section #3 1-40 (A-D/F-J); Section #4 1-40 (A-D/F-J)<br><br><i><strong><u>DataLink 1200 Test Scoring Machine</u></strong> - <strong>$1250.00 value</strong></i><br>The three-pound 1200 scans on any classroom table, providing immediate digital or printed results from paper tests, anytime. Score up to 35 answer sheets per minute on tests of up to 200 questions (at 100 per pass) and review the results as soon as you’re done. With touchpad controls, compact LCD display, and a startup package including ink cartridges, USB and digital DataLink Connect software, DataLink 1200 delivers assessment reports when you need them, simply and quickly.<br><br>DataLink 1200 handles everything from short quizzes to long exams and now ACT practice exams – supported by a wide range of low-cost DataLink answer sheets, each backed by the AccuScan guarantee.<br><br>&nbsp;</p><div style="text-align:center;">Does your school/organization use the SAT test?&nbsp;<a href="" target="_self">Click here</a>&nbsp;to view Apperson's SAT Test Prep Bundle.&nbsp;</div>

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